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Miele Vacuum Cleaners

Do you own a Miele vacuum cleaner? Well, here’s a quick reminder about two very clever features – the parking system and the bumper strip.

1. The Parking System 

Parking system

Did you know that every Miele vacuum cleaner has a parking system on the back of it? (See picture at left.)

This is really handy when you need a quick break while vacuuming. Just hook the floor head into the parking system, which puts your vacuum cleaner into standby mode (if your model has an automatic switch-off feature). This saves energy until you come back and neatly secures the hose so that nobody trips over it.


2. The Bumper Strip 

Bumber Strip like a bumper bar

Bumber strip

Everybody knows how easy it is to accidentally bump into furniture or walls when vacuuming – you’ve probably got the scratches and marks to prove it. Not so with your Miele vacuum cleaner, though. Its soft plastic bumper strip all around the bottom of the cleaner protects your walls and furniture from accidental damage, and is easily cleaned with a sponge and dishwashing detergent.