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Miele Washing machine goes and goes to 20 years with a small Repair and Service !

Here is the proof that no one sees or hears because its hidden away in a cold and lonely laundry in Woolahra, Sydney.

This  Washing machine in Woolahra I have repaired twice (yes 2 times)  repair is not really the right word to use ‘maintained’ is a better choice .

Miele 18 years old W918 washing machine repaired and serviced in 2013

So this W918 was purchased by a Family of 5  in 1995 and then the kids grow up,moved out and Miele W918 still washes the clothes of 2 .The first visit in 2006 was really an issue with the drain filter and I fixed this on the spot ,by then the Miele was 11 years old. The second visit this  August 2013 the inlet valve failed and I replace this also in one visit , now the Miele washer is 18 years old and still washes.

So the calculated washing time is currently by 6552hr/cycles  perhaps more (I used 7 washes (one hr per cycle) per week and times 18 years )

One of my favorite Miele Model W918 hot and cold water entry Germany built and serviced !



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